Embroidered Badges

An embroidered badge is produced onto a base cloth by a stitching process; it results in a textured and raised design effect.   Embroidered badges can be fully embroidered (100%), or in many cases, there is a fabric base showing through. This base can be twill or felt. At the time of ordering the badge, you can choose the base colours. Embroidered badges with heat seal backings can be heat pressed on to the garments, we also supply embroidered badges with Velcro backing, adhesive backing (for one-day events) or with nonwoven backing for applique embroidery. Embroidered badges have a minimum order quantity of 20.

Woven Badges

Since woven patches use thinner threads that are woven together instead of embroidered onto a fabric, they are ideal when a design is too detailed or complex to be achieved with the embroidery process. Woven badges are the perfect solution when you need the extra fine detail that embroidered badges can’t provide.

Woven badges show small lettering and extra fine details that do not reproduce well on embroidered badges. We do not supply woven clothing labels; our products are essentially the woven equivalent to an embroidered badge, with the same standard badge shapes and same finishing options.  When choosing between embroidered or woven products keep in mind that while you will get extra fine detail with woven badges, you will be missing out on the textured 3D effect that embroidery offers. Woven badges have a minimum order quantity of 200.

Sublimination Badges

These patches use special dyes that bond to fabric molecules, which means we can create patches that are nearly photographic in quality.

Sublimination printing uses heat to bring ink and fabric together as one.  First a design is printed onto special paper, and then transferred to a patch via heat press.  The badges are then applied to the garment, again using a heat press. 

This option is also ideal for very intricate and detailed designs.